More than 100 friends, employees and supporters wrote letters to U.S. District Judge P. Kevin Castel seeking leniency for Billy Walters. Below are highlights.

Andre Agassi, Tennis Champion and Founder of the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education:

“Mr. Walters has shown a great deal of support to my organization, which in turn supports Agassi Prep; enabling us to provide an outstanding education and opportunities to the kids in attendance. It has made a real impact on that community, at that time and in the future. His generosity has trul7 benefitted the entire community of Las Vegas.”

Jack Binion, Wynn Resorts Consultant and Former President of Binion's Horseshoe:

“I can’t think of anyone who worked harder quietly behind the scenes to help those in need. Families with financial hardship, disabled children, and sing mothers—Billy helped them all. Always unsolicited, and never with strings attached, Bill was a godsend to many. This is the unspoken truth about Billy Walters.”

Jan Jones Blackhurst, Executive Vice President of Public Policy & Corporate Responsibility at Caesars Entertainment Corporation and Former Mayor of Las Vegas:

“I have known and admired Bill Walters for over 20 years. During that time we have maintained a friendship that found us working together as friends, colleagues and philanthropists. In all my dealings with Bill, I found him to be earnest, honest, deliberative and a masterful negotiator. During my two terms as Mayor of Las Vegas, I had several business dealings with Bill on various real estate developments, water acquisitions rights, golf course developments and often called upon his advice and expertise while governing the then fastest growing city in America. Bill never blurred the lines between business and friendship and always conducted himself in an honest and professional manner. ”

Bob Brown, President and CEO of Opportunity Village:

“He has an uncanny ability to connect with people in all walks of life. We held a fundraising dinner for Opportunity Village a few years back. It was the most successful in the history of Las Vegas. The honorees were Bill and Susan Walters. We had celebrities, billionaires and millionaires, sport figures and models. But it was the outpouring of love from the clients and families, the valet and caddy staff members, the other non-profit leaders in town, the linen vendors and retail store owners, the clergy and medical doctors; all had a story about how Bill and Susan had made a difference in their lives. People in Las Vegas still talk about that night.”

Jim Colbert, Professional Golfer:

“I met Bill Walters during this time and he helped to coordinate this even so we would have the entire community involved. Bill’s love of golf and strong commitment to the people of Las Vegas were essential to creating the first million-dollar charity golf tournament in the world in 1983.”

Jane Greenspun Gale, Director of The Humane Society of the United States:

“As dog owners and lovers, Billy and Susan have been ardent supporters of The Animal Foundation. Over the years we’ve had to expand and build new facilities to house all the animals. Whenever I asked for support, Bill was there. In the early 2000s, we needed a veterinarian to assist with our low-cost community neutering and spaying program. At the time, there was a shortage of veterinary graduates who specialized in high volume neutering and spaying. Billy offered to fund a scholarship paying for a student’s veterinary studies in exchange for the student committing to work at the Animal Foundation for a few years after graduation.”

Carolyn Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas:

“I spent 26 years in education building Nevada’s first nonsectarian nonprofit college prep school which continues to college-place 100%of its graduates. From its very first years Bill Walters was a staunch supporter of that endeavor helping specifically with scholarship funding for low-income families and in providing venues for many of our fundraising endeavors free of charge!

Oscar B. Goodman, Former Mayor of Las Vegas:

“I have a great deal of admiration for all he has accomplished, coming from a rather humble background. He showed his gratitude for his success through substantial philanthropic contributions which bettered the lives of those not as fortunate as Billy. His empathy for the most vulnerable of us was palpable.”

Jim Hardy, Professional Golf Instructor:

“I know Bill well. I’ve grown very close to him and consider him a man I trust and count on. His compassion towards all and especially the hurt, weak and needy is incredible. I’ve been a part of it and have seen it in his dealings with other. His big heart for others in need is as natural for him as breathing. The world need Bill Walters. Countless people have been helped by this wonderful man. I’m honored to be his friend and my life has been Blessed because of him.”

Peter Jacobsen, Professional Golfer:

“Bill is one of those rare individuals that you come across in life where you learn something of value every time you’re together. He is the kind of person that really listens when you talk and you can pour your heart out to him because you know he really want to hear it. He is highly intelligent, kind, generous and a loyal, supportive friend. I’ve witnessed time and again Bill’s generosity and support of the events he’s been involved with. To put it simply, you can count on Bill Walters to help out. He sets an example for others.”

Adolfo Martinez, Walters Group Employee:

“Billy, throughout the 20 years we have known each other, has treated me and my family with tremendous kindness and has made us feel as a part of his own family. Each time I see him he asks how I am and how my family is doing. Fourteen years ago I lost my dad and my brother in less than six months, and Billy supported me like a family member. He has taken time out of his tremendously busy schedule to attend funerals and to offer condolences and support. I have yet to meet a person as kind and genuinely caring as Mr. Walters. It is extremely admirable that he has been continuously supportive in all aspects of my life. My entire family is eternally grateful for the life changing opportunities he has provided for us and the extremely caring manner in which he treated us.”

Heather Hay Murren, Nevada Cancer Institute Co-Founder:

“I ultimately co-founded the Nevada Cancer Institute and Mr. Walters was involved in making that possible. He donated one million dollars when we first founded the Nevada Cancer Institute, and also regularly helped us to attract other donors, over many years. He remained involved on a sustained and regular basis and was a generous and engaged donor. In all my interactions with Mr. Walters, he conducted himself in an honorable, professional, and thoughtful manner. Mr. Walters has also demonstrated a generous commitment to many other important initiatives in the areas of health care and education, never for public recognition, and quietly ensuring the success of many efforts that have been critical to the lives of our citizenry. I have found Mr. Walters unique in that his philanthropy and generosity is not about glory but about ensuring an impact on those in need.”

Harry Reid, Former Senate Majority Leader:

“I am sure there are people who do not like Billy Walters, but I have not met one of them. All of whom I have had contact with regard to Billy Walters have shown nothing but positive regard toward Billy Walters and his family. I do not see how this man getting probation would, in any way, adversely affect the criminal justice system.”

Perry Rogers, CEO and Founder of PRP:

“I have known Bill Walters for close to twenty years. We competed in a business deal. Bill prevailed. Our side lost. But the way that Bill conducted himself throughout that process was an honor to watch. He created a better product than we did. He worked diligently to articulate his vision, and he conducted himself with integrity. After our side lost, I called Bill and asked him to lunch. That is not something that I would generally do. However, I was so impressed with Bill’s work ethics that I wanted to get to know him better.”

Bill Young, Retired Clark County Sheriff and Head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department:

“When I reference my first acquittance with Mr. Walters as a potential suspect believe me my agency, State Law Enforcement Agencies and Federal Law Enforcement, have looked at Mr. Walters several times, all coming to the final conclusion that he has not ever committed a crim here in Las Vegas. I believe that 100%. What I have seen of Mr. Walters is a caring compassionate, respected member of our community and who has generously helped may organizations, most notable Opportunity Village. I used to live up the road from Opportunity Village and I saw it grown into the place it is now. Bill was the single biggest force making that happen, and without him it probably would not exist as the foremost organization to Nevada. The other thing I have observed over the years is his ability to build a variety of respected and important businesses that provide 100’s of jobs for Southern Nevada residents.”

Frank Schreck, Chair of the Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP’s Gaming Law Group:

“Because of my involvement in the gaming industry, it was impossible not to cross paths with Billy Walters. Although I have occasionally provided Billy with gaming law advice, our relationship has always been predominately personal. Over these many years, I have witnesses Billy and his wife participate in numerous charitable and educational projects in Nevada. As Billy told me years ago, it is one thing to provide financial support to worthy causes, which is important, but it’s another thing to dedicate your time and efforts in support of those causes.”

Babette Scholl Wilson, General Manager of Cili Restaurant at Bali Hai Golf Club:

“All of us at Bali Hai and Cili are a close family; we all take care of each other. That starts from the very top. Mr. Walters gives us the ability to help all the employees when in need. I have seen him help in many ways over the last 19 years. He helped Raul Arroyo when his daughter was killed in a car accident and they couldn’t afford a burial for her; without question the Walters took care of it. All of us are also very proud of the contribution he has given to the community.”

Linda Smith, Retired Executive at Opportunity Village

“So this is what I know about my hero and friend, a man behind bars waiting for his sentence to be overturned, as it should. I met Bill Walters 30 years ago, on a mission to ask for a contribution. A big one. A few minutes into the meeting, with tears glistening as he spoke of his own special needs son, my benefactor friend proffered a gift. A gift of a million dollars, a promise to help raise the remaining $8 million needed and a friendship like no other.”